Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We do not have anything to do with this, by the way. Probably a joke. Maybe not. Interesting how the logo is almost exactly the same...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

virgin america vandalism


The Latest

they buy you


WATCH OUT, they are infiltrating your life.

Go Gorilla Sell Shit

Oooh, how inspiring, I can just watch ads now instead of music videos.

I've seen my share of these fake corporate 'protest' advertising events (for avocados and nestle quik, i recall). hmmm, did go gorilla snakes get permission to use that song?

So, they power wash these ads onto the street, technically not vandalizing anything?

Monday, June 8, 2009

alright alright calm down

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Alt Terrain Graffiti Marketing

Event Graffiti Performances consist of talented graffiti artists creating a brand advertising mural over a six-to-eight
hour period at outdoor concerts, extreme sport competitions, or other experiential marketing events.

Client Testimonial - "Live Graffiti Performances have been a huge hit for many of our sponsored events. We
have seen it work well with upscale corporate galas as well as with more youth-oriented events. It has been
well worth the investment and the professionalism and caliber of the artists is always top notch."
- Ashley Hamilton, Bill Graham Special Events/Clear Channel

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

STLAWU Archive

Hmm, this place is running a pretty deep archive of stickers. It looks like they might actually pull them off and scan them.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Buy It

Own it.
Kill it.

So what goes on in people's minds? Depends who you are. But say you enjoy "edginess," "street culture," clothes that make people think you are cool and interesting, but you also like comfort, and you definitely don't want to be left out. Well, you're probably that person who doesn't understand why some people have these weird things called "principles" where they seem to get all worked up about stuff that really doesn't make much of a difference to you. You probably think, "Ahh, they must just be making it up. I mean, I don't care about that stuff, so there's no way someone else could. They're probably just trying to be cool by acting like they do; that's what I do." Yes, that is you. Take a bow.

Wooster Collective

The profitable nature of the Wooster Collective

Commercial strategies of the Wooster Collective; appropriating a subculture for 5 years strong.

Marc Schiller, Wooster Collective's co-founder, is the CEO for an advertising corporation. His company, ElectricArtists, works with other corporations including Warner Bros., Microsoft, and CNN.