Friday, December 21, 2012

Corporate Vandals Not Welcome - (Sticky, scroll down for new posts)

#1: Stickers don't go over tags, especially disgusting corporate advertisement stickers.

#2: Corporate vandalism is vile. It is an attempt by the companies that sell us distraction and oppression to co-opt a medium of true viability and independence. In a desperate attempt for "realness," authenticity, and "street credibility," these corporations have begun to imitate the illegal activity of graffiti expression. Do the CEOs or the heads of the marketing department go out and break the law to plaster their illegal advertisements? Not likely; the common practice is to outsource the illegal portion of the job to another marketing company which provides "street team" services, shielding the corporation from legal repercussions.

#3: Even though it's obvious who is behind these illegal acts of corporate vandalism, the companies responsible are very unlikely to face any consequences or be bothered by insignificant fines. Thus, while law enforcement targets anonymous individual graffiti artists and penalizes them with jail time, fines, and harassment, multi-million dollar corporations are able to openly flaunt the law.

#4: Corporations which already have a near-monopoly on our headspace through paid-for advertising and media (TV, radio, magazines, billboards, signs, products, clothing, logos, brand names, everything), are not satisfied. Now they want the streets too; they want their logo and their message on that parking meter or the back of that sign where you usually see the expression of individuals and underground forces who cannot afford traditional advertising. They want it all; they want you to sleep and buy, not to wake, think, and express. They want you to be a slave.

#5: "But this corporation is different, it was started by so-and-so and they're down with the streets and they put out good products and blah blah blah." If they're worth millions or billions of dollars and they still want to be down with the streets, then they better make some products and put out some messages that have something to do with progressing society--addressing class inequality, the destruction of the environment, and the totally corrupt nature of our government and economy. You see, corporations aren't interested in this stuff, they're interested in making money.

[A note on Rockstar Games, a primary offender and target of CORPORATE VANDALS NOT WELCOME: this company desperately wants street credibility. They know that street cred sells units and influences the right people, the trendsetters. Do they have anything to do with the street? Do they put out games with socially redeeming content? No. They are a subsidiary of a 1.5 billion dollar company traded on the NASDAQ, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Any sort of underground connotation you might have with this company was completely contrived in their marketing department.]

#6: Corporations wield power, they have the resources to spread messages far and wide. Do they use this power to spread important messages that will improve society? No. Once in a while they will do something about cancer or charity, but this is more about getting positive publicity than actually making a difference. The average corporation's sole interest is to maximize profits at the expense of all else.

#7: Corporations run our political system and our media.

#8: The CORPORATE VANDALS NOT WELCOME movement will continue to fight corporate vandalism and spread awareness about this insidious phenomenon. If you understand the logic behind the campaign, you are encouraged to participate by ripping down and vandalizing corporate vandalism or making your own stickers and messages against it. While your at it, why not try reclaiming some traditional advertisements as well?

#9: Corporations, you are on notice. We have declared open season on corporate vandalism.

#10: Feel free to complain to these corporate criminals at their corporate offices, or call 311 in New York City to file a complaint.

Rockstar Games
575 Broadway Fl 6
New York, NY 10012
(212) 334-6633

Lesportsac World Headquarters
358 5th Ave Fl 8
New York, NY 10001
(212) 736-6262

Sony Corporation of America
550 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10022
(212) 833-6800

20th Century Fox Film Corporation
1211 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10036
(212) 719-7600

Corporate Vandals photos on flickr

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Daniel said...

Nice work, I was just wondering if you might post a template for your sticker, so that other's can post it around their towns?